Dana Pascovici 23rd Annual Lorne Proteomics Symposium 2018

Dana Pascovici

I am currently a Biostatistician at the Australian Proteome Analysis Facility at Macquarie University, where I help people generate biological insights out of their proteomics data, especially in the context of complex experiments. Working in a proteomics facility, our focus has been on generating reliable methods of interpreting and analysing data from a variety of platforms, lately emphasizing SWATH and TMT, and wherever possible incorporating them into software workflows. Areas of particular relevance to us have been plasma proteomics, and plant proteomics of agriculturally important species. Our work has benefitted from interactions with researchers, students and the APAF team of mass spectrometry specialists and analytical chemists. I come from a mathematical and computational background, having completed a bachelor degree in Mathematics and Computer Science at Dartmouth College in the US, followed by a PhD in Mathematics at MIT, and a brief stint of teaching at Purdue. In Sydney I took a more practical turn and worked in the industry in the area of speech recognition, before settling into biostatistics for the past 13 years, both in the industry and research environment.

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