Matthias Pelzing 23rd Annual Lorne Proteomics Symposium 2018

Matthias Pelzing

Matthias Pelzing Director Analytical Biochemistry CSL Research BIO21 Matthias holds an MSc in Chemistry and a PhD in Mass Spectrometry from the University of Leipzig in Germany. Following postdoctoral studies on atmospheric aerosols where he utilisied a variety of mass spectrometric techniques, Matthias joined Bruker Daltonics’ Life Science Division where he worked on instrumentation and application development. From 2006-2013 Matthias managed the applications and demo sites in the Asia-Pacific region and Japan. His major research focus is micro-scale separation techniques, particularly capillary electrophoresis and nano-LC, hyphenated to electrospray mass spectrometry with particular focus on posttranslational modifications of proteins. In March 2013 Matthias joined the Analytical Biochemistry Group at CSL within the Protein Biochemistry Department. Since July 2014 Matthias leads the Analytical Biochemistry group. The group is responsible for the detailed characterization of recombinant proteins and their associated modifications using various mass spectrometry based methods and an extensive array of molecular interaction techniques.

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